Our Aquariums

Our aquariums are an essential part of the dining experience for our guests and receive the same level of attention employed when we craft each cocktail and prepare every dish served from our kitchen. We believe this attention to detail creates a unique, welcoming and immersive atmosphere for discovering and savoring different cuisines and beverages and it is central to our approach to each guest’s experience. Like the terroir and preparations that define and differentiate one cuisine from another, our aquariums reflect very different examples of living systems.

Behind the bar, a large 300-gallon display of jellyfish draws and rewards the eye, with the large bells of Pacific nettles pulsing and gliding in the currents. Each pulse animates the dozens of long tentacles that sting and trap food and pass it to the frilly oral arms trailing the center of each bell. The effect is hypnotic, restful and instrumental in helping each guest shed mundane concerns and concentrate on savoring the differing components in each drink and dish.

The aquarium at the entrance to the dining room provides a strikingly different but no less engaging and relaxing guest experience. Our 1,000-gallon coral reef tank teems with color, motion and the living art of tropical fishes and coral polyps; a profusion of form, texture and beauty found in few other habitats. A variety of brilliantly colored fishes navigate the swirling currents around large coral colonies while others idly graze on the rockwork. Each fish and colony offers a different and utterly beguiling distraction.

These displays exemplify our approach to entertaining our guests and are as much a point of pride for our staff as our exacting standards for service, cuisine, crafted beverages and conviviality. They have been central to our guest experience from the very beginning and continue to captivate guests from all over the world. If you are looking for a relaxing place to meet a colleague for lunch or drinks after work or wish to provide a unique dining experience for visiting friends and family, please visit us soon and experience these displays for yourself.

Many thanks to Aquarium Services of Oregon for continuing to provide superb care for our aquatic animals and life support systems.